13th birthday PS Vita Wallpaper

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  • Not 13th Birthday. I believe that’s Lightning in torn up Aya Brea clothing, or some other crossover.

    • Matt Andre

      Ahem.. XIII = Roman numeral for 13. 3rd Birthday, the PSP Parasite Eve/Aya Brea game. Both characters have same Japanese voice actress. Dissidia 012 had an Aya Brea costume for Lightning, 3rd Birthday had a Lightning costume for Aya Brea. Seems pretty fitting to call it “13th Birthday”..

      • I didn’t know those things.


      • nathan giles

        its called the third birhday because of ayas third birth in using her mitochondrial powers buy using the overdive system. this is also the third parasite eve made, but not considered parasite eve 3.

        • Matt Andre

          I.. You.. But… Yes. I already knew that. What’s your point, exactly..? I *know* it’s not Parasite Eve 3. I was referring to the comment above regarding the name of the theme.

          The 13th Birthday = A crossover name for Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning in Aya Brea’s costume, which is an exclusive costume for her in Dissidia 012) and The 3rd Birthday. It makes *perfect* sense.. How are you missing that?

          I never claimed it was “Parasite Eve 3”, I merely said it was in the same series. I don’t know how you missed that connection, but.. O.. Kay? Huh.

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