Transparent/Dynamic|LittleBigPlanet – Dynamic Glow PS Vita Wallpaper

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  • Sigmacrysis

    Being a Little Big Planet fanatic I absolutely love this wallpaper, unfortunately you don’t get enough credit, I will help you out keep up the amazing wallpapers, you are something else…

  • battlezone360

    Awesome wallpaper, I love the design keep up the work and upload more if you can.

  • Cruzan

    Thx awesome work everytime i see sites that are for free i nearly dont see repelyes from users they just leech what they want and leaves without even pressing the thx button or whatever i dont understand those ppl cant they understand that ppl that post up things have taken time of theirs for others and gets the finger thats why ppl that post whatever it is stops doing it and i really understan why major props for this mad work and i like to see more from you in the future!!.

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